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Christopher Fonda

Christopher is the Owner of Make Your Mark Tattoo. He has been a tattoo artist since 2008. As his talents and passion for tattooing grew, he knew he had to open his own shop. Chris opened Make Your Mark Tattoo in 2013 to create a place that would make everyone feel comfortable and ensure that they were getting a quality, one of a kind piece of art. He prides himself in being a well-rounded artist that, specializes in all styles.

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Thaddeus Katras

 Thaddeus is a tattoo artist based out of upstate New York. From a young age, he enjoyed exploring different forms of artistic expression. He began tattooing in 2011, when he took his artistic talent 

and transformed it into a career. As a 

self-taught tattooer, Thaddeus has 

built his portfolio to feature all styles of work, but has a true passion for realism. 

He enjoys traveling to conventions around the country to showcase his work.  

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Mike Schramm

Mike has been an artist since he can remember. He believes his passion for art and culture has led him to where he is today! Mike is dedicated to this craft and hones his skills to be the best he can be every day! Although he specializes in realism, Schramm includes a range of styles in his work, including geometric, traditional, newschool, neotraditional, Japanese and realism!  Let's get designing something unique for you today!

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Josh Mosh Lyons

This Albany native has been tattooing since 1995. He is proficient in many styles and strives to give the customer what they want. His passions are metal music, the occult, gore and horror, all of which can be seen in his art. He believes that tattoo is a ritual and a rite of passage, as portrayed in his tagline: "Art means nothing unless you bleed." ... Don't worry, once you meet him you'll see he's a really nice guy!

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Anthony Angelicola

An avid painter and pen and ink 

artist, Anthony has been making bold, whip-shaded American traditional and blackwork tattoos since 2013. In his free time he enjoys working with other artistic mediums to explore and expand upon his creative talents. Some of his other passions include Chinese food, Big L's '98 Freestyle, and watching Twin Peaks. 

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Rosheily Marie

Rosheily is our youngest artist at Make Your Mark. Her favorite styles to tattoo include nerdy things, cartoons and dotwork. She loves all things Kawaii and video game related.

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Courtney Covino

Courtney is a fine artist with a concentration in realism and black work. She loves tattooing all things black and grey.


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